First beautiful night in the city in awhile. Rode bikes with the girl to Powderhouse Park, a place with hills and rocks and paths and big trees and a stone powderhouse like a castle. Kids of all sizes are trying on and practicing tricks on stilts, learning to mime, tumbling on fold up mats on the grass. The sun shining through the trees on the grass and rocks is so beautiful I have to comment, tell a mom nearby my thoughts, she tells me her favorite part of the circus tonight is watching all the folks in cars, stopped just before the rotary, looking out their windows wondering what is going on. We talk about her rain barrel, her compost bin, the possibility of car wrecks due to people looking out their windows at our kids, while my girl marches around in her tie dye tank top and flowered pink flowing pants. Another mother tells me how much her daughters loved that same pair of pants, how they look like flower children when they wear them. Takes me back to Ithaca, and music on the Quad in the summer, all the country folks and hippies and college kids working and taking summer classes hanging out and listening to bluegrass or zydeco or folk or rock and roll or blues, easy life on the grass in the sun, thought then that I wanted to live my life in Ithaca, found my place here in the bigger city, my kids and I very much at home.

Riding our bikes home we think of hot dogs on the grill and salad from the farmer’s market in Davis Square. For the first time my girl and I think summer, last day of school this am long forgotten, day care in the am with her and the babies, then next week all the big kids and little kids together all day, old friends coming back to visit, circus three nights a week, away most weekends, good life, hard to complain. Summertime and the living is easy, remember that song from my daughter’s favorite lullaby tape, may play it for her tonight at bedtime, keep the theme alive.