We are studying growing and dying and changing things, mostly plants. We have had our hands on all kinds of flowers, inside and out, and bulbs, and roots and shoots. Awhile back, Liana brought some sprouting onions and a sprouting potato. We started wondering, after having the potato on the windowsill for a week or so, why the potato hadn’t gotten long shoots growing out of it. The shoots were short and stubby and knobbly. We wondered if it was to do with light, thought it would be interesting to put one potato in the dark, one in the light. Today we had those two potatoes, both left out, one on the counter, one on the window ledge. I asked if we should put one in the dark. Our four thought we should put both in the dark. At first I said it would be hard to tell the difference between light and dark that way, but when he insisted, I thought, why not, this is his version of science, and also, we’ve watched awhile on the windowsill and have a sense of what the potato is doing in the light. Now we can find out about the dark. I suggested someplace in the kitchen, either in the cupboard under the counter or in the drawer of the stove, then thought twice about the drawer, realizing it might get hot when the oven is on. The four liked the cupboard idea, put both potatoes there inside a cooking pot. I took pictures so we could see what the potatoes looked like when we started. He suggested we check back next Tuesday, looking up at the ceiling as he calculated, as kids do when they are seeing something in their mind, and I realize it is Tuesday today and that is his day to come, and I say, one week sounds about right for checking on the potato.

Later in the morning, my four comes to the kitchen and says, let’s check on the potato. He opens the cupboard door and looks. I wonder how many times he will check, if he will forget about the experiment, how he will react, my own experiment, part potato, part kid.

Sorry the photos are a little blurry. I was having trouble with the camera today.