Love those G’s. Yard has gone to pot over the last year and more. For my day care graduation present to myself, I went to Wilson Farm, am home with a van load of goodies for the garden, cocoa hulls for the front yard, pine mulch to cushion the ground beneath the climber, salt marsh hay to go around the stumps, and two big trellises, half off at end of summer, to hold the roses that have been in the driveway a long, long time in spite of massive neglect. The red one was  a gift from my brother-in-law when we bought the house nineteen (?) years ago next month, planted in the fall and survived over many seasons, till it now produces roses I can see over the sill of the day care kitchen window, grabbed a few shots between washing dishes, through the glass and screen, wondering if the trellis will block the window, never know, and the other rose one of a pair we bought when we took up the asphalt a long while back, before our street required resident parking stickers, before my father-in-law and his big black Texas truck moved in, before we had a minivan, before Liana worked with us and needed off street parking for her car. Asphalt never returned, garden never grew, except the rose, which will now hang proudly on the trellis rather than precariously into parked cars.

While I was at the counter paying, I saw the sign at Wilson’s advertising pea stone by the yard, delivered to your door, along with mulch (which I may need for relicensing in October), stone dust (which the bricks need to stop making their crevises home to dandelions and other happy weeds), and other garden things. Got a price, thought to get some pea stone for the drive, five hundred dollars is my budget, down from the thousands we thought we’d spend on bricks, pile still there at the end of the drive, no money or time or talent to lay them, nor budget for grading and stone dust and edging, all the stuff anyone who knows anything about driveways has told me I need to do it right. This time, I’ll call the guy my friend the gardener extraordinaire has used, who will give me an estimate of how much pea stone will cover the driveway, who will deliver and spread it if I wish, or if I am unable.

We’ll start the new year with fresh mulch, fresh hay, a layer of pea stone to cover the dirt and grass and weeds, hope the ruts don’t get much deeper and the pea stones are decent coverage, easy on the eyes, don’t sink completely into the ground year one, another year down, hoping for many more to come in the world of two family houses in Somerville, family day care, and life on my own. Tah-dah!

Happy Graduation…now time to write about my boy, first to graduate the day care at five and stay on for homeschooling three mornings a week, another milestone worth noticing and celebrating, along with another terrific kid.