This week I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I wrote cards. I wrote condolence cards. I wrote a thinking of you card. I wrote a thank you card. I wrote a pile of Valentine cards. My handwriting is awful. The cards I’ve been collecting in my fantasy world of being a card or letter writer are lovely. This morning after I had written my cards for Valentine’s Day, my daughter came to say good morning. She read my card and I watched her face. I read her card, even more hand made than mine, of construction paper and markers and green foil twisties given to the after school kids by Alice as she clears her house in anticipation of a renovation, out of love. Then we sifted through the boxes of cards, admiring the designs, talking about our favorites, handling the heavy stock, talking about which one I had chosen for each person.

I gave one to my son, and watched his face, too, and he thanked me. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been in the habit of writing cards or letters. This week at the park, I was asking my fellow caregivers how they met their partners. My friend Sue told me about meeting her husband in England, where she’s from and he’s not, and about the letters they wrote one another when they were apart. I didn’t hear anything about the content, but I remembered writing letters to my friends at that age in my teens and twenties, the anticipation and feeling they engendered, the sense of caring and being cared for that traveled in the mail.

Here’s to learning new things, relearning old habits, to Valentine’s Day in the celebrating many kinds of love sort of way, not only in the romantic love is for two birds in a nest kind of way. We all need love. We all have a story to share or a kind word to express. Might as well do it on Valentine’s Day, while the whole world’s expecting it. Then maybe it’ll begin to be a habit..and who knows what might happen next.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Fill the world with love in whatever way you can. Last night it was heart shaped brownies at bedtime. This morning its cards and chocolate chip sourdough pancakes, batter passed on since 1915, smoothies for pink and fruit and yogurt, then hand made pizza for dinner. Tomorrow it will likely be more Valentine making in the day care with Alice, card sharing and parties for my daughter at school, love potions (really milk shakes) for sale at SVS, whole world thinking on love, can’t be all bad.