Sitting at my kitchen table on a Wednesday afternoon multi-tasking after having dropped my daughter off for her first day as an enrolled kid at Sudbury Valley, candle is lit, lily water fountain is trickling, lamp is lighting the gray and rainy day, cat is napping beside me on the upholstered chair, self-same chair he was tearing to bits when I walked in near noon, having been out all morning on carpool duty and in a coffee shop working on my laptop.

Taxes are coming together, summer schedule is coming together, after school transportation is resolving, bit by bit, fall plans are evolving, Charter School group is expanding..crazy family dynamics are abating, if temporarily, still the content of my life is mystery..and then, out of the blue, really out of the lame speakers on my laptop, comes three-way pleasure, it’s as though this morning WUMB was just for me, latest in a streak of songs which have spoken directly to my heart, resonated with my story and mood, made me stop and listen, is this one here, sung by some of my oldest favorites, Natalie Merchant, 10,000 Maniacs, and David Byrne, written by another, Iris Dement. How is it that so many great people in the world are connected, and how is it they know just what to say when I need it most..

Let the Mystery Be – Gracias to Youtube and to whatever mystery person placed this song there so I could share it with you, and to the folks at WUMB who are brightening my day along with the candle and the lamp and the kitty cat nearby and the e-mailers far away. Enjoy:)