Well, I mistakenly posted this here instead of to the private blog for families. I guess I’ll get rid of names and you can see what sorts of things we say to families every day. It is a good life we live with the children, and a pleasure to write and reflect upon it each afternoon while the children rest.

We are a small crew today. One is still out sick. One is with her grandparents. One is with her family in Mexico. So there are only seven of the children, and they play much of the inside time together in the back room, making a big train track and using adventure gear and a little bit on the couch in the front room with food.

Alice attended a conference this weekend and comes to day care with a new timer that shows the time passing with a decreasing red section of the circular timer. We try this for the countdown to clean up, then show it to the kids and talk about timers at meeting, then try to do a fifteen minute cleanup, which seems like a long time, but is about how long the group needs today. Then we use it again at nap time to show what time must pass before the threes may get up from nap and how much time must pass before the fours can get up.  Right now everyone is resting quietly, after a lively lunch of pancakes, yogurt, blueberries, and carrots, and a downright summery, minus the leaves on the trees, walk and time at the park.

It was quite warm, and one mom called near the end of park time to ask about sunscreen,which reminded me to remind all of you that if you sunscreen your kids, you might want to start this week, as we’ll be out a lot if the weather prediction holds true, and unlike in summer, when the leaves are out, we can’t  promise in March that kids will find the shade.

I am getting remarkably close to finishing fall enrollments and summer scheduling, so I’m going to stop writing and work on that a bit now. I should be able to let folks know about both this week, if all goes well. Then I’ll send a trial schedule for both summer and fall, and begin to get contracts out to hold spaces for both.

Thanks and happy summer in March!