This week we broke with tradition, and decorated our eggs with natural materials rather than with commercial dyes. This Easter I went to Quaker Meeting, my first time celebrating Easter in a church service since before I had children, when I attended Mass.

Both experiences left me feeling the mystery and love thing, two words that came from the Quaker Meeting participants who were moved to speak today, two words that fit our cutting of beets and cabbage and sprinkling of coffee and turmeric, soaking of onion skins, and dunking of eggs. The results were surprising, left us with as many questions as answers, were part science, part art, resulted in variety and uniqueness, rather than standardization and uniformity. I liked that, as did the friends young and old who shared the experiences with me.

Here are a couple of photos of the eggs and of the process. Amazing all we did to dye a few dozen eggs. The process counts. Many contributed ingredients, many chopped, some brewed, others admired, sorted, observed, touched, peeled, ate, discussed. No one asked about the commercial dyes or the color-coded egg cups and little metal lifters we’ve used each year since I began dying eggs in the day  many years ago. The experience this year was it’s own.

This week we may try coloring other things with our hand made dyes, in the style of the article Liana sent about folks around the country making things beautiful with plant materials for dye. We have no idea how that will work, which is a great place to begin.

Happy Easter, or Happy Mystery and Love, something to celebrate either way.