Here is a youtube video shared by ExchangeEveryday. It so inspired Macky that she wrote to our park group of family child care providers to see if we wanted to contribute to our own scrapstore playpod at the park, a mobile version, as we don’t have a shipping container to hold the stuff or the right to put one at the local park where we’ve gathered with our kids each day for many, many years.

This afternoon I was in the day care with kids from three to eight. The seven and eight spent their afternoon in the yard, nestled in the hay of the tree house, on the platform of the climber, and laying a pathway of loose bricks from one end of the year to the other, ending at the base of the tree house ladder.

Later, one dad and his brother, both in their fifties, came to pickup their girl. They admired the tree house where our three year old children were then gathered, and remembered the yard of their childhood, with rope walks twenty feet off the ground connecting platforms high in trees with no railings. Our tree house by comparison, is very tame. The Scrapstore Playpods in this video give kids a chance to invent with castoffs in a way these guys in their fifties did when they were kids. It’s a lot of fun to watch and easy to imagine setting up all around the world, if kids had time and space to use the materials, and adults had the interest in making it happen. What do you think? Watch and admire the kids and their creativity. Things like this could happen every day if play and happiness and children’s natural selves were granted the respect they are due.