This is my last week as staff at Sudbury Valley, the last week of our school year schedule in the day care.  This Thursday night is the Moving On Ceremony at school.  Next Thursday night is the day care celebration for kids going off to kindergarten and preschool in the fall. Next week and throughout the summer I’ll work Monday through Wednesday in the day care. In September I’ll work there Monday and Thursday afternoons, Tuesday and Wednesday full days. The days off will be for lots of things, time with my kids, travel, day care administration, shopping, work on the house, preparing for a relicensing visit this fall, driving kids here and there. I’m hoping there will also be time for surprises, for walks in the woods, for swimming, for yoga, for reading and writing and maybe meditation, for Quaker Meeting, for new friends and pursuits, if all goes well. Making space allows new things to grow is what I keep hearing from others and telling myself. I’m hopeful, if not assured.

I’m done reading The Middle Passage. On Father’s Day Eve I read parts of a Sharon Olds poetry collection, The Father, about her father’s death and dying. I have a novel in the queue, which I started awhile back, My Dream of You, and a pile of other books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction I’ve been collecting for awhile. I’ve been collecting blank books, in hopes of filling them with I don’t know what. I’d like to join a writing group, for now need to figure out what to write, am hoping maybe reading will lead me there, or life.

It feels hard to go on with this blog. I’ve lost the focus of exploring ideas for starting a school, and have no clear readership following along with my rambling thoughts. It seems it may be time to end, nearly five years after I began, many hopes and dreams raised and dashed, more in the works or on the way, but none clearly tied to starting a school. It might be time for a new writing project, maybe not. It’s hard to know. It’s that kind of place in life, requiring enormous openness to the unknown. Please wish me luck and safe passage to the next project and the next stage of life.