Been wishing to write here, but my heart has been awfully heavy, and the aching feels too private for the blog. For now, here’s a song I’ve been craving, even tried to teach my young ones today, who must know things aren’t right. We tried to sing along with my phone, but it was too hard. Instead, we sang You Are My Sunshine, for which we know the tune, first along with Elizabeth Mitchell and then with Johnny Cash. Misery loves company, and these songs know the deal.

I’m hoping to be back in the swing sometime soon, for now will sort out my thoughts in other ways. Enjoy the tune.

Laura Cortese singing Train on the Island with her band of four. Richard and I saw them play at The Parlor Room, saw Laura Cortese with another band or two. This morning at breakfast the  kids loved watching and listening to her and her team play and sing on my iPhone. Life won’t be the same without my true love and listening to music at The Parlor Room.

Here are a link to a profile of Laura Cortese talking about the song and a you tube video of her playing it with the group. Lovely images and performance. The song is moving me today in many ways.