This is my first blog. I am learning how to do it. The original purpose was to lay out ideas and a process for considering the expansion of the West Family Day Care into a program that can serve a wider range of ages, possibly as an alternative to traditional schooling. I am hoping that by writing here I can clarify my thinking, share ideas with anyone who is interested, and get useful feedback about the process, philosophy, and the best way to make our dreams come true. In thinking about how children learn, I am reading lots of books, reflecting on life growing up and becoming a teacher and day care provider, and thinking about experiences in our day care, family and world with lots of questions in mind about how to make a new ideal place to raise children. Please read and respond if you are interested and able. Getting feedback really helps me to figure out which ideas hold water and which make no sense. What I am really hoping is that  by writing this blog, a group of people interested in making something new for children will come together and figure out how to move forward.

For now, all the posts are in reverse chronological order under Home. Unfortunately, the first three comments are now deleted. Oops! No offense to those who commented. They disappeared when I reformatted pages into posts to streamline the blog. Once I get more sophisticated, I may find a more useful format for the blog. Feel free to make suggestions about that, too.

Update, October 2014

I’m no longer working to make a new program or school or to change our day care to include school age children. I am continuing to do all the other things described above, and to understand how we all learn, how to live well, and how our places for children work. This blog has taken me places I never could have predicted, and I continue to take great pleasure in writing here. Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts.

4 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Tim Says:

    Maria, have you publicized the blog anywhere? Do you know any outlets that promote this kind of content? Great potential for high readership I would think.

  2. mariawest Says:

    No, Tim. I am feeling a bit shy and wary of putting these ideas into the wider world other than letting people I know who are interested read them. I am happy to have people pass their impressions of the blog along, and to invite others to read and reply. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. psychosofia Says:

    Maria I am interested and hope we can share ideas on how to expand ourselves to make a better place for our children and eventually for ourselves too. I also just started using this, I’m still learning.

  4. try getting your blog listed on yahoo and google its quite easy.

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